Terms of Service

Last updated on March 09th, 2018

CarbonKrypt will be referenced within this document as ('CarbonKrypt'), ('Our'), ('Us'), ('CK') and (‘CKHS’).
The Client will be referenced within this document as (‘The Customer’), ('Client'), ('They'), (‘Their’), (‘Your’), (‘You’), (‘The Client’) or ('User').

Refund Policy

CarbonKrypt provides a full 3-day money back guarantee if our services are found to be at fault. For example, within the first 3 days of starting your service the server that provides your service on goes offline for several hours rendering your service unusable. This would be classed as our fault and you can proceed to contact us to receive a full refund.

You accept any request for a refund outside of the first 3 days will be decided at the discretion of CKHS depending on the circumstances and reasoning behind the request. CKHS reserves the right to suspend a service without any reason or notice (written or verbal) given to the User - A refund for the service will not be given.

Data Integrity

CKHS will be not be held responsible for backing up and integrity of your data (regardless of services that include backups). In the unfortunate case that data loss may occur CKHS will attempt to regain the original integrity of your data but CHKS will not be held liable for any data loss. The client cannot request a refund for their service if data loss occurs.

Service Setup

CKHS cannot ensure that your server will be setup instantly. As a customer, you agree that CKHS has 24 hours to set up your service. The billing cycle will start once your server has been created and the customer has access to the service via our billing panel.

In any situation that your service or your access to our billing panel is "hijacked" or "hacked" (unauthorized access gained to your account) CKHS will not be held responsible for this occurrence (or any further actions caused on the users account, For example; a new order for a service). It is the client's responsibility to keep personal details and passwords secure.


CKHS are not liable for payments/donations that are received/processed on your service. By purchasing a service from CKHS you agree to remove all liability from CKHS in regards to customer service, payments and disputes relating to payments received/processed on your service. Services provided by CKHS are given on an as-is / as available basis, without warranties of any kind, either implied or expressed. No information given by our representatives or CKHS will be considered as warranty.

Service Usage

Any use of nulled/leaked content (software that you do not own the rights to) found on the service that you have purchased/obtained will result in service suspension without a refund given to the client.

CKHS takes piracy In the unfortunate case that this might occur, CKHS may attempt to contact the server owner but CKHS has full right to suspend access to the service without warning and no refund will be given to the client.

The user will not host any material which is abusive, vulgar, hateful, harassing, obscene, profane, sexually oriented, threatening, invasive of a person's privacy, adult material, or otherwise in violation of any International law. If any unacceptable material is found on a site, linked to by a site or hosted on any other service, CKHS cannot be held liable as your service may be suspended immediately without notice Examples of unacceptable material include, but are not limited to:

    - Fraudulent activities of any description
    - Copyrighted material without explicit approval
    - Exploits
    - Proxy scripts, or services used for malicious intentions
    - Racist, hateful, or harassing content
    - Hacking related information or services
    - SPAM of any kind
    - Digital currency mining
    - File sharing/File download proxies
    - Pharmacy or pharmacy-like services
    - Stolen content
    - Betting/Gambling Sites

Services & Renewals

CKHS have the right to suspend/remove your service without reason or warning and CKHS will not be deemed required to give you a refund for the service purchased in any case. You agree that if we do not receive payment for any service (monthly/annually billed) we have the right to suspend access to your service.

CKHS does not guarantee 100% service uptime throughout the year, we aim to provide as close to this as possible. You accept that we cannot be held responsible if your service does not have 100% uptime throughout the year.

Terms of Service Updates

CKHS reserves the right to update/alter our terms/policies at any time, without notifying any of our clients. It is the Client's responsibility to check our Terms/Policies for any changes/alterations.

You agree to hold CarbonKrypt harmless to any legal action or fees.
By signing up to a service with CarbonKrypt you hereby agree to the terms above.